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What is Vion?

Everywhere around you--whether at home or work--all energy-consuming products utilize electricity, and if something goes wrong, most of us don’t know enough about electricity to fix the problem as fast as we’d like. This is why Vion was born, bringing to you the first smart multimeter that makes it easy to diagnose and fix electrical problems.


Vion measures voltage and resistance, has a pair of probes without a body, and allows you to see the break down of electricity-powered products on your smartphone.


Most multimeters require you to turn the rotary switch to select measurement items and have electrical knowledge to understand the number displayed on the LCD in order to determine the fault. However, Vion can link to your smartphone and can automatically measure the product without having to select a measurement item. Vion diagnoses the measurement result as “Good/Bad” through voice guidance.

Smart and easy




Intuitive UI makes it easy for anyone to use


Automatic Measurement

Quickly measures without complex explanation


Where/How Measurement

Easily measure

by product-specific guide


Voice Guidance, Storage, One-Stop Purchase

Purchase directly

from app

When to use Vion?

Any Electric Devices...

Vion makes it easy to repair household electronics and to check for malfunctions in electric materials like your drones, batteries, electric bikes, washing machines, TVs, and light bulbs.


Existing Multimeter


Existing Multimeter


Auto Selector






Automatic diagnosis and battery life based on measurement target

Automatic detection of AC/DC/Resistance 

Multilingual on smartphone app

Direct purchase of measured product from the app 

Confirming voltage output

(1.5V, 3V)

Shape variety for usability

Real-time result and checkpoint indication with video and image 

Only displays numbers






Instruction Manual

What Vion Makes Different?

Unlike typical multimeters where the black probe is minus and red probe is plus,

Vion has a pair of probes that can suit both plus and minus despite color.




Bluetooth Connection

Expert/General Use

Voice Guidance

Automatic Detection

Easy Storage

Automatic Measurement Storage

Multilingual Support

Complete Detail/Analysis

Store Connection


When Vion is placed on the measurement target, the automatic detection function immediately recognizes DC/AC/Resistance, so you don’t have to worry about the risks of damage due to wrong selections.

Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity provides you with various measurement functions so you can analyze, diagnose, and fix problems conveniently.  

The Bluetooth connectivity allows for automatic/manual mode, various displays, detailed product failure analysis, voice guidance, storage, store connection, and other functions. After connecting for the first time, the connection is secured without having to connect every time.

Expert/General Use

Vion is made for everyone. So, if you are unfamiliar using them, you can use the automatic mode and if you are an expert, you can use the manual mode to immediately diagnose your products as “Good/Bad”.

Automatic Detection

Vion automatically detects the measurement target product by displaying the status of the product versus the measurement. This clearly outlines the voltage reference for each measurement target.

Voice Guidance

Even when your smartphone is in your pocket, measurement results are delivered through voice guidance. This removes the risk of any sudden movement when attempting to measure objects and allows you to see the results simultaneously, making it possible to complete tasks that require more than one hand.

Easy Storage

 A pair of probed Vion meters is small enough to fit snugly in your pocket and perfectly in your toolbox. In addition, the protection case enhances user convenience and can easily be stored with measurement aids.

Automatic Measurement Storage

Vion automatically saves measured values by date/time and facilitates management of a large number of measurement objects, relieving the trouble of re-measuring items.

Multilingual Support

The voice guidance feature is supported by multiple languages

: English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese)

Complete Detail/Analysis

Manuals on measured products are presented by images to diagnose the fault, and this provides general users with a comprehensive guide on the measured products.

Store Connection

The Vion app can connect directly to the store for purchases of measured products, reducing other unnecessary purchases and costs.


For Whom?





Easy configuration for both expert and general users

Voice guidance for checking Good/Bad status

Easy-to-use app that can be used by anyone in the home.

The manual mode allows professionals to take advantage of advanced features.

Step 1

How to use Vion

Step 1

Download app

Step 2

Connect Vion to smartphone through Bluetooth

Step 3

Measure product

Step 4

Measured value automatically saved to app


Using Vion App with Vion meter will make you an expert on electrical devices.


The measured value is displayed as "good" or "bad".

Detailed information of selected product

Storage mode on/off

Check saved measurements

Graph shows status of target device

Message of measurement target name and status

Choose the product to be measured manually

Switch to expert mode

AC/DC/Resistance display

In Expert Mode, the measured values ​​are displayed as hi data

AC, DC, and Resistance selection

Measuring continuity of a value with scope

Accurate measurement by adjusting the sensitivity of instrument

In Expert Mode, low data of measurement value is displayed together

For AC, the measured frequency is displayed together

Scope size zoom

Speed or slow down the cycle measured in scope

Automatically adjusts the range of measured values



Item Weight

1.76 ounces

Product Dimensions

0.9 x 0.6 x 7 inches


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)





Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Battery ?Cell Type

Lithium Polymer

Description Pile

Rechargerable battery

Average Battery Life

10 years



6v/60v(±0.1%+4), 220v/320v(±0.1%+9)

AC Voltage

DC Voltage



0.6v/10v(±0.1%+1), 60v(±0.1%+2), 320v/500v(±0.1%+9)

10Ω(±0.1%+1), 100Ω(±0.1%+4), 100kΩ/1MΩ(±0.1%+9)



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